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SparkWorkshop - Version:1
In the first training day, the course will introduce developers to basic Spark concepts (RDD, Transformations, Actions). In the next two training days, the course will cover Spark including: Spark Streaming, and Cluster deployment.
Intended audience
Developers who wish to obtain the skills and knowledge to develop big data solutions with Spark.
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  • Day 1 – Sparks Basics
    • Spark’s architecture.
    • Python fundamentals
    • Basic Spark concepts: RDD,Transformations,Actions
  • Day 2 – Data in Spark
    • Loading and storing data.
    • Spark SQL
    • Spark Streaming
  • Day 3 – Clustering and Deployment
    • Cluster deployment.
    • Persist reusable results
    • Controlling memory usage
  • Basic knowledge of programming in Python
  • Storing and analyzing data
  • Distributed programming with Spark