Architecture Advanced Concepts

ArcAdvCon - Version:1
Architecture is about the important stuff…whatever that is. (Ralph Johnson) The role of software architect embodies a massive amount and scope of responsibility that continues to expand. Software architecture is a constantly moving target because of the rapidly evolving software development ecosystem. Any definition cast today will be hopelessly outdated in a few years. When studying architecture, readers must keep in mind that, like much art, it can only be understood in context. Many of the decisions architects made were based on the realities of the environment in which they found themselves. In this one-day session – we will review major architecture topics that are mandatory for the day-to-day for of each tech lead / architect.
Intended audience
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  • Software architecture and architects
  • Cloud-Native Architecture
  • Database and Data Persistency
  • Streaming and Messaging
  • Architecture styles and patterns
  • Intro to Machine Learning – architecture concepts