Docker Workshop

DockerWS - Version:2
Docker is making history in the software world. Containers integrate into every part of the application lifecycle, from dev and test all the way to staging and deployment. In this workshop, we will see how containers can do much more than what you came to expect from a VM, how containers help manage application infrastructures, and how to use Docker management tools to manage application scale from a single instance to large clusters. We will discuss Docker history, understand how containers are different from VMs and talk about the Docker file system, install Docker on Linux, macOS, and Windows, build our own container and talk about Docker file definitions, and towards the end of the day discuss some advanced topics such as the Docker Hub, Docker Compose, and others -- all accompanied by hands-on labs.
Intended audience
Developers and DevOps
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  • Module 01: Introduction
  • Module 02: Understanding Docker
  • Module 03: Installing Docker
  • Module 04: Docker Architecture
  • Module 05: Docker Basics
  • Module 06: Building Containers
  • Module 07: Managing Containers
  • Module 08: Volumes & Networks
  • Module 09: Working with Registries
  • Module 10: Advanced Docker Overview
  • Basic Linux Shell Commands
  • Explain the basics of Docker
  • Use Docker for development, QA, Production
  • Create your own containers
  • Learn how to containerize you applications
  • Understand Docker's file system, networking and mechanisms