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Automation Web Testing In Selenium Java

seleniumJ - Version:1
In this course you will learn how to use Selenium WebDriver to develop automated tests for web application in Java
Intended audience
Automation developers
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  • Selenium Overview

    • Introduction to Selenium
    • Selenium Architecture
    • Legacy Selenium IDE
  • Unit test framework basics

    • Creating a new test project using TestNG or JUnit
    • Defining test class and test methods
    • @Before and @After
    • Asserts
    • A typical test structure: Arrange-Act-Assert
  • Selenium Webdriver

    • Adding WebDriver support to a test project
    • Navigating to other pages
    • Understanding DOM Structure
    • Finding elements on the page using basic selectors
    • Performing actions on page elements
    • Finding elements within other elements
    • Working with drop-down (select) elements
    • XPath
    • CSS Selector
    • ImplicitWait
    • WebDriverWait
    • Executing JavaScript using Selenium
    • Using TakeScreenshot, getPageSource & getLogs to investigate failures
    • The Page Object pattern
    • Switching between windows and iframes
  • Selenium Grid

    • Cross Platform Browser Testing
    • Selenium Server
    • Selenium Grid
    • Selenium cloud providers (BrowserStack, SauceLabs, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of Java
  • Understand Selenium fundamentals
  • Know how to write automated tests in Java, using JUnit or TestNG and Selenium WebDriver
  • Know how to use the different locators and how to choose between them
  • Understand the page object pattern and how to implement it
  • Know how to execute fragments of JavaScript from your tests and when to use it
  • Understand the implicit and explicit wait and when to use them
  • Know how to take screenshots and other evidences to help you investigate failures
  • Understand the different exceptions that Selenium throws and their meanings
  • Working with iframes and windows
  • Understand cross-browser testing, Selenium Grid and Selenium cloud providers
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