Advanced Git

AdvGit - Version:1
In recent years Git has become one of most popular version control systems. Unlike other SCM systems, Git provides advanced features apart from the classic checkin, checkout, etc. This one day course is for anyone who have experience with Git and wants to learn the most advanced commands to get the most out of this amazing tool. We will see how to work with nested repositories, how to rewrite your local history before pushing your changes, how to work with multiple branches simultaneously, how to delete sensitive information from your repository and much more.
Intended audience
Developers, IT and DevOps with extensive practical experience with Git
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  • Git under the hood
  • Working with SSH
  • Git Blame
  • Git Alias
  • Git Stash
  • Git Grep
  • Git Notes
  • Git Worktree
  • Git Bisect
  • Git Filter-Branch
  • Git Reflog
  • Git Hooks
  • gitignore & gitattributes
  • Interactive Rebase
  • Submodules & Subtrees
  • Git Workflows and Migrations
  • Practical experience with Git
  • Knowledge in software development
  • Understand how git work under the hood
  • Learn the advanced commands