Multi cloud cyber security expert

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This course is the "cutting edge" in everything related to management, cyber protection and automation in the environment of cloud while integrating the local work environment .on-premises "Cloud" is computing systems that are offered by huge organizations such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others, which Designed for organizations, these systems allow the organization to choose what is required for it in the field of computing, for example, computing power, Operating systems, software, applications, artificial intelligence and more, all while paying for only what is consumed and no more. Instead of an organization purchasing hardware and software and paying for everything in advance, instead of being fixated on little technology, the "cloud" has everything! Many organizations already use the "cloud" to improve their capabilities, the technology is applied not only in private organizations, It is also implemented in many institutional organizations, such as insurance companies, banks, etc. and even governments, all of them use or will use "cloud"
Intended audience
The course is intended for two types of audiences, both professionals and those without experience in the field. For those with no experience in the field but with a background and interest in computers, who are willing to invest effort in order to learn the various topics and the challenges included in it, were included in the introductory course track. For professionals for whom the introductory courses are unnecessary, a deepening program in "cloud" technologies has been prepared that is suitable for them. The course is based on on cloud technologies as a whole
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  • Cloud introduction
    • Introduction to the worlds of cyber and cloud
    • operating systems
    • service providers
    • communication equipment
    • common cyber threats
    • introduction to the principles of cloud
    • large cloud providers
    • international certifications
    • practice environments
  • Linux Win Introduction
    • Introduction to windows and Linux systems
    • system management
    • working in CLI
    • performing initial automation
    • working on windows and Linux systems for the purpose of familiarization and operational understanding
  • Linux Win Comm
    • Introduction to data communication
    • TCPIP
    • routing
    • switching
    • windows and Linux
  • Multi cloud Fundamentals
    • Introducing Google Cloud
    • Resources and Access in Cloud
    • Virtual Machines and Networks in Cloud
    • Storage in Cloud
    • Containers in Cloud
    • Applications in Cloud
    • Developing and Deploying inCloud
    • Monitoring
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
    • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • Linux Win Server
    • Introduction to Windows and Linux servers
    • Building network systems
    • central service providers and understanding their role
  • Microsoft Azure Administrator
    • Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • Architecting with Google Compute Engine
    • Architecting with Google Compute Engine
  • Cloud&Cyber introduction
    • Introduction to the cyber worlds
    • attack, defense, players
    • extensive breakdown of threats and solutions in diverse worlds
  • Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
    • Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
  • Security in google cloud
    • Security in google cloud
  • Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
    • Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
  • Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
    • Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps solutions
  • Microsoft 365 Security Administration
    • Microsoft 365 Security Administration
  • As part of the track, key components of the "cloud" technology will be taught, these components can be applied to different types of clouds.
  • The implementation of the various components will be carried out through practice on an actual "cloud".
  • Each learner will be offered practice on a cloud from one manufacturer, for the diligent learner the college will also allow practice on a second cloud, and the very diligent learner will be offered An excellent practice framework for the third cloud which these days costs about 300 for the estimated practice time (individual registration is required to one of the recommended practice environments)
  • The track is aimed at imparting extensive knowledge and practice in the worlds of the cloud as a whole using advanced technologies