Git - Version:2
In recent years Git has become one of most popular SCM/Version Control systems. In this one day course you will learn how to use this amazing tool using animated presentations, hands-on labs and demos. You will understand the basics of Git, how it works, the "four areas", the basic and intermediate commands and an overview of the advanced commands. The main idea of this course is to show how easy it's to use Git once you understand how it works.
Intended audience
Everyone who wants to get started with Git (new users will be able to understand the basics of Git and gain the ability to continue learning on their own, while downstream users will be able to forge their knowledge and advance to a new level).
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  • Module 01: Introduction
  • Module 02: Git Structure
  • Module 03: Working Locally (Basics)
  • Module 04: Working with Branches
  • Module 05: Merge and Rebase
  • Module 06: Undoing Changes
  • Module 07: Working with Remotes
  • Module 08: Git Workflows
  • Module 09: Advanced Git Overview
  • Module 10: What Next?
  • None
  • Explain the basics of Git
  • Understand the basic and intermediate commands
  • Overview the advanced commands
  • Don't learn how to use Git, learn how to think in Git