Java Now

JNOW - Version:2
Needless to explain how important is to keep your workers up to date with all the new technologies: JavaScript, spring, Devops, Big Data, Cloud. Easy to see how big is the learning curve to be a quality developer in the open source environment today using all the latest technologies in JAVA. But, even if you run around a bit more out of date, you should know that many of the tools and innovative technologies that fit even older projects and your good programmers do not want to be left behind. Send your leading programmers of this course, you can also renew and ventilate the development and frameworks in which you use and maintain your quality employees.
Intended audience
Exprienced Java developers with 2-3 years exprience
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  • Introduction
    • Java recap + Util concurrency
    • Git
    • Class loader + Instrumentation
    • Gradle
    • Jenkins
  • Web
    • Modern web applications in java
    • Javascript introduction
    • Web services with REST
    • Advance javascript & JQuery
    • Angular 2
    • Web exercise
  • Spring
    • Dependency injection
    • Spring MVC
    • AOP and advance spring
    • JPA and spring
  • Cloud and bigdata using GCP
    • Google cloud app engine
    • Data store and HBase
    • Docker and Google container engine
    • Hadoop and spark eco system
    • Operations with Google compute engine
    • BigQuery and dataflow
    • Cloud Exercise
  • Advance topics
    • Java 8
    • Reactive programming in java
    • Hackaton in Google offices
  • Knoweledge in java development
  • Learn deeply the latest development technologies in the java & open source area
  • prerequisite - knoweledge in java development