Jira Administration

JiraAdmin - Version:1
Join our comprehensive workshop and learn the full potential of this cutting-edge platform. Learn to navigate its powerful features, efficiently manage projects, and excellently resolve bugs and software issues. Empower yourself with JIRA expertise and upgrade your productivity to new heights!
Intended audience
New Jira administrators who manage Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management Administrators working in Jira Cloud.
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  • Part 1
    • Course Overview
    • Configuring Jira
    • Configuring Global Permissions
    • Jira Projects Overview
    • Creating & Configuring Company-Managed Projects
    • Configuring Company-Managed Project Permissions
    • Configuring Company-Managed Project Roles
  • Part 2
    • Mapping Your Business into Jira
    • Assigning Project Roles & Sharing Schemes
    • Configuring Issue Types & Fields
    • Configuring Screens & Schemes
    • Creating & Configuring Workflow
    • Configuring Boord & Sprint Permissions
    • Configuring Email Notifications
    • Applying New Configurations to Projects
  • Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset course or basic understanding of Jira projects,
  • issues
  • issue types and workflow.
  • Describe the hierarchy of cloud administration
  • Configure Jira setting
  • Configure global permissions
  • Create and configure company-managed projects
  • Basics of Jira schemes
  • Configure project permissions and roles
  • Map your organization's business requirements to Jira configurations
  • Create issue types, fields, and screens tomake it easy for your users to get their work done
  • Configure your workflows to match your team's work
  • Configure sprint and board permissions so users have appropriate access
  • Create a set of standard schemes and configurations that you can use to stamp new projects and apply to already existing projects