Using the Power of AI and Data for Your Business Success

AIDATA - Version:1
The business world is changing rapidly, and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence greatly affects the world we live in, businesses and workplaces. AI changes the rules of the game we know. Companies are required to adapt to the new reality that consists of data analysis using artificial intelligence. In this workshop we will learn how to leverage Data and AI capabilities for business success. The workshop is intended for managers who understand that the use of data and artificial intelligence will lead them and the organization to success
Intended audience
Managers without prior background. Managers who wish to leverage their knowledge to achieve a competitive advantage and business growth. Managers who wish to challenge their employees to advance in the AI revolution. Managers who want to acquire skills to use data and advanced technologies to achieve maximum business results. Marketing and sales managers who wish to improve customer experience and take advantage of business opportunities faster and smarter.
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  • How to improve the customer journey, extend the life cycle and improve his experience using Data and AI?
  • How to convert the existing Data into a different and unique business insights?
  • What are the different data sources, how to use them to measure, retain customers, optimize costs and create strategies that will move the business forward?
  • How to leverage massive amounts of Data, identify patterns and make predictions that will benefit your business?
  • How can AI provide better information to make the right business decisions?
  • How will AI affect the industry, what are the pitfalls to avoid and how to take advantage of competitive advantages?
  • How does AI play a crucial role in managing and leading organizational change?
  • How to reach informed business insights from Data?
  • No prior knowledge is required
  • Understanding and using Data to make informed business decisions.
  • Using Data to lead organizational change.
  • Using Data to reduce costs.
  • Using Data to identify growth opportunities.
  • Using Data to improve customer experience.