Product management UX/UI

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One of the common career transitions in the field is from project management to product management. This step is considered a promotion, but these two positions require different skills and approaches. In this workshop, you will learn to deal with various challenges, how to manage a product effectively, what are the critical challenges in project management, and more
Intended audience
Product Managers, Developers, UX/UI Desiners
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  • From project management to product management.
  • Agile management to maximize customer value.
  • UI/UX: How do you take complex system processes and design a simple user experience for them?
  • The communication circle in the Agile era.
  • UI/UX: how to upgrade user experience and get higher customer value?
  • Managing successful sprints and retrospectives.
  • Changing worldview: from a development team to a product team.
  • Storytelling.
  • There are no prerequisites
  • Creativity and mental flexibility are shared during the product development stages for exceptional results
  • Identify the bumps and overcome obstacles on the way to fruitful and innovative cooperation
  • Identifying challenges on the way to making decisions: how to make decisions not out of pleasing or coercing the team
  • Compromise out of surrender: bring the facts
  • Making decisions out of satisfaction
  • Risk Management
  • Acceptance testing and user testing
  • Design development relations: why it hurts and how to solve it