Java 9-14 Code Camp

beyondj8 - Version:1
Many companies that work with Java are still working with Java 8 because Java 8 is very satisfying, but Java has much more to offer. In the last versions of Java many features were added to improve the functional programming features in java, such as supporting JavaScript and most importantly making Java a cloud native programming language. In this course we will explore these changes and we will learn how to use them to build better applications in the cloud and on premise. The course focuses on highly scalable distributed systems.
Intended audience
Java Developers
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  • Introduction
  • Java 8 summary
  • What else do we need?
  • Oracle JDK & open JDK
  • Paying for Java
  • Functional Java
  • repl
  • Stream Improvment
  • var
  • Thread Local Handshake
  • Switch Statement
  • Optimize Java Application for The Cloud
    • Short explanation about the jvm
    • Class loader
    • Reference framework
    • instrumentation
  • jigsaw
  • Ahead of Time Compiling
  • New Just inTtime Compiling
  • Code Cache
    • Container Aware
  • Application Class Data Sharing
  • GC
  • Memory Allocation
  • mMre Changes
  • http2
  • TLS Support
  • SSL for openJDK
  • JavaScript & Java
  • HTML5 & Unicode Support
  • DTLS Security
    • String Utilities
  • Programming experience with Java 8
  • learn to use the new features of Java