Advanced Linux and Software Tools

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Shell scripts are an important and powerful tool in the Linux environment. This course teaches how to write shell scripts to solve a wide range of problems: from file management to backups, from creating users to monitoring the system. In addition to learning the syntax of the Linux programming shell, bash, you will learn shell mechanisms used in programming such as: the backquote, redirections, pipes, and using variables. However, a shell script is only as powerful as the commands it uses. The course will also teach some of the more powerful string manipulation and processing tools in Linux: nawk - a pattern scanning and processing language, and sed - stream editor. Whether you need a two-line script to manage your files or a 500 line script for backing up your disks this course will teach you how to do it.
Intended audience
The course is meant for users, programmers, and system administrators who want to write shell scripts.
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  • Module 01 - Introduction to csh.pptx
  • Module 02 - Advanced Unix Tools.pptx
  • Module 03 - Variables and csh Scripts.pptx
  • Module 04 - sed.ppt
  • Module 05 - Intro to Awk.ppt
  • Programming experience - not mandatory
  • Knowledge of the basic Linux commands
  • earning to design and write shell scripts
  • Mastering sed commands for optimal utilization