Unix/Linux for Power Users

U1 - Version:2.2
The course is an introduction to the world of the Unix/Linux operating system. The course will acquaint users with the basic concepts of the operating system. This includes a wide range of topics, covering the many facets of working with Unix/Linux, which a user needs to fully utilize the system's power and versatility. The course also introduces the participant to various standard software tools existing in the Unix/Linux environment and provides insights and hints on how to use the tools most efficiently. Hands-on lab time will take the participant step by step through the maze of Unix/Linux commands. The course includes hands-on lab to assist the participant in assimilating the material studied.
Intended audience
The course is intended for users, programmers, and system administrators who want to start working with Unix/Linux. The course is also geared towards users who have started to work with Unix/Linux without formal training. For these users, the course will add order and method, and enhance what the user already knows.
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  • Introducing UNIX - Linux
  • Login
  • Appendix:The vi editor
  • Appendix: The emacs editor
  • The File System
  • FS commands & permissions
  • ksh
  • Appendix: Communication in the UNIX / Linux world
  • Filter & Process Text
  • Utilities
  • Working with ksh
  • Knowledge of general operating system concepts
  • Programming experience - not mandatory
  • Have a comprehensive view of the Unix/Linux operating system
  • be able to start working immediately and efficiently
  • Be able to apply basic and advanced commands and to tailor his/her working environment