Advanced Spring

SprAdv - Version:1
This 3 days advance course will take you one step further in spring programming. You will learn new technologies and frameworks based on spring technologies that will help you integrate different modules with spring framework or integrate your spring applications with other applications. In addition, the course will provide you tools for batch and flow processing using spring framework
Intended audience
Spring developers that would like to adopt new technologies in the spring framework
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  • Spring recap
    • Spring dependency injection
    • Spring annotation
    • Spring AOP
    • Recap exercise
  • Spring JMS
    • Introduction
    • Domain unification
    • JmsTemplate
    • Using the JmsTemplate
  • Spring integration
    • What is EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)?
    • What is and Why Spring Integration?
    • What makes up Spring Integration?
    • Service activator as Endpoint
    • Message gateways
    • Channel adapter as Endpoint
    • Router as Endpoint
    • Business usecases
  • Spring WS
    • What is and Why Spring Web Services (Spring WS)?
    • Spring WS features
    • Contract-First approach
    • Steps for building Contract-First Spring WS
    • Web Services client
    • Marshalling & Unmarshalling
    • WS-Addressing
    • WS Security
  • Spring webflow
    • What is and Why WebFlow?
    • URL mapping to WebFlow definitions
    • Flow elements
    • Actions
    • Input/Output mapping
    • Subflows
  • Spring batch
    • What is and Why Spring Batch?
    • Spring Batch Architecture
    • Running a Job
    • Configuring a Step
    • Built-in ItemReaders and ItemWriters
  • Exprience in spring development
  • Learn how to use spring frameworks for integration, communication and batch processing