Introduction to test automation using Ranorex

RNXInt - Version:1
This course will teach you how to use Ranorex to automate you test case and get the most out of it.
Intended audience
The course is targeted for testers who want to start working with Ranorex, or that have already started working with it but want to extend their knowledge of the tool. Because Ranorex is a commercial product, it is recommended to take the course only if your company already decided to purchase the product and work with it. This course does not require any programming knowledge.
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  • Overview on test automation
    • Types of automated tests
    • Benefits of automated tests
    • Limitations of automated tests
  • Overview on Ranorex
    • Benefits
    • Supported UI technologies
  • Creating the first test in Ranorex
    • Creating a new Ranorex project
    • Recording the test
    • Adding validation
    • Running the test
  • Understanding the structure of the project
    • Test Suite (rxtst files)
    • Recording modules
    • The object repository
    • Module Groups
  • Recording modules
    • Editing a recording module
    • Actions overview
    • Action properties
    • Creating a recording module from scratch
  • Test Suite structure
    • Arranging the test cases in a suite using folders
    • Adding Setup and Teardown
    • Understanding Error Behavior
  • Best practices for structuring the tests
    • Creating small modules
    • Using Module Groups
    • Splitting large modules into module groups
  • The object repository and the Element Browser
    • RXPath and the Element Browser
    • Arranging the elements in the repository
    • Creating multiple repositories
  • Using variables
    • Variables overview
    • Using variables inside a recording module
    • Using variables as input and output parameters
    • Using variables in RXPath
    • Global parameters
    • Binding variables to data sources for Data Driven tests
  • Creating Reusable modules using variables
  • Advanced topics
    • Using Code to perform addition actions
    • Converting recording modules to code
    • Running the tests using Ranorex Agent
  • Understand the benefits and limitations of automated tests vs manual tests
  • Be able to create automated tests using Ranorex
  • Be able to refactor automated tests in Ranorex to be more maintainable