Java ALM

JALM - Version:3
This is a 3 day hands-on training on Java development, quality analysis, and testing tools that are being used in real-life Java development shops. The training is structured in a way a student will learn the topics by doing lots of hands-on programming exercises. The course is focus on development in continues integration environment with tools like maven, git and jenkins. In addition, the course demonstrates how to integrate quality analysis tools such as FindBugs and cobertura into the build process
Intended audience
The course is for developers who wish to work in continues integration environment
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  • Build tools
    • Ant
    • Maven
    • Nexus
  • CI tools
    • Jenkins/Hudson
    • Sonar
  • More ALM tools
    • CheckStyle
    • FindBugs
    • Cobertura
  • Basic devlopment understanding
  • The student will know how to work in continues integration environment