Java 8 Workshop

J8WS - Version:1
This course introduces the participant to the fascinating and dynamic world of Java Object Oriented programming.The first part of the course focuses on object-based concepts. We begin by exploring the history and origins of the Java programming language. From there, we go on to understanding the structure of the Java platform by focusing on its ability to write and compile only once, and still run on various machines using different Java Virtual Machines (JVM). The Object Oriented part of the course goes through inheritance concepts and implementations, the collections framework, handling exceptions and running multiple threads applications. We conclude the course by delving into the IO capabilities of Java as well as their usage in networking.
Intended audience
Students who wont to learn java development from Java 8
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  • Extended Interface
    • Regenerate java with extended interfaces
    • Extended interface and multiple inheritence
    • mixins in java
  • Lambda expressions
    • Anonymus inner class
    • Lambda expressions
    • Functional interfaces
    • Lambda expression best practices
  • Streams and parallel programming with collections
    • The purpose of lambda expressions
    • What are streams
    • parallel streams
    • unbound streams
    • stream API
  • Working in Object Oriented Programming
  • Learn how to develop java applications using the tools and frameworks of java 8