J2EE Design patterns

J2EE7 - Version:1
This course provides students with strong java programming and knowledge and experience of J2EE development with the knowledge of how to design and develop J2EE application using best practice. The course covers design and architecture patterns across the different tiers.
Intended audience
J2EE developers, architects and leaders
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  • Introduction
    • J2EE Introduction.
    • Design patterns introductions
  • Integration tier patterns
    • Data access object.
    • Service activator
  • Business tier patterns
    • Business object
    • Composite entity.
    • Application service
    • Session fa?ade
    • Transfer object
    • Value list handler
    • Business delegate
    • Service locator
  • Presentation tier patterns
    • Front controller +Application controller.
    • Composite view
    • View Helper
    • Service to worker
  • Experience java programmers with J2EE knowledge.
  • Recommended -Java Design patterns course (not necessary)
  • Understand and be able to implement J2EE design patterns
  • Be able to choose the best pattern for a solution
  • Be able to implement Integration tier patterns
  • Be able to implement Business tier patterns
  • Presentation tier paterns