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DotNet8 - Version:1
.NET 8, the latest version of Microsoft's cross-platform framework, one of the world’s leading development platforms, starting today. .NET 8 delivers thousands of performance, stability, and security improvements, as well as platform and tooling enhancements that help increase developer productivity and speed of innovation. With this release, .NET reshapes the way we build intelligent, cloud-native applications and high-traffic services that scale on demand.
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.Net Core Developers
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  • 8 things you need to know on .NET 8
  • ASP.NET Core 8
  • EF Core 8
  • Fastest .NET to date – Performance improvements
  • Native AoT
  • .NET ?? AI
  • C# 12
  • .NET Aspire
  • Full stack web applications with Blazor
  • Prior knowledge and development of at least 2 years in .NET Core 3.1 or higher
  • Acquire the knowledge for the best development experience of .NET 8.
  • You will learn everything you need to be at the forefront of .NET development as a .NET power developer.