DevOps using Microsoft Tools

DevOps_MS - Version:1
DevOps methodologies allow organizations to improve their software development lifecycle by applying techniques to improve software delivery and operations. In this course, we will learn how to design and implement DevOps practices by theoretical sessions and many hands-on exercises. Digital materials will be provided for each module In order to be eligible to receive the completion certificate you must assist at least 80% of meetings, pass the quizzes of each module and finish the final workshop. This course is a cluster of several 1-2 days courses as describred under the topics of this syllabus.
Intended audience
Infrastructure Professionals and system administrators
  • Practical experience in software development (IT or Dev)
  • prerequisites as brought within the specific 1-day syllabuses
  • Understanding the DevOps importance in our days
  • Learn how to implement DevOps methodologies and it’s best practices
  • Use the most used tools to implement DevOps practices and compare the different options in the market
  • Specific objectives as brought within the 1-day syllabuses