Introduction to Cassandra Database

Casandra - Version:1
The family of non-relational data stores, commonly known as NoSQL products, is large and growing every day. More and more companies switch from relational SQL databases to NoSQL solutions as their data storage solution, due to the horizontal scalability, performance, and reliability they offer. Cassandra is a leading No-SQL database, used by the biggest software companies. In this introduction day, we will get acquainted with No-Sql concepts, among them the various types of No-Sql databases. We will also further dive into Cassandra DB, review its concepts, architecture and use cases, along with taking it to a test drive.
Intended audience
Software developers and database administrators.
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  • Introduction to No-Sql
  • Introduction to Cassandra
    • Concepts
    • Architecture
    • Drivers
    • Use Cases
  • Cassandra and Hadoop
  • Performance