CI/CD with Azure DevOps

CICDMS - Version:1
This course will teach you DevOps concepts of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, with emphasis on Azure DevOps. In this course, you will get an overview of how to use the azure pipelines and azure artifacts to create CI/CD pipelines within the microsoft ecosystem.
Intended audience
DevOps, Developers, IT administrators.
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  • Module 01 - Introduction
    • Understanding CI/CD
    • CI Practices
    • Benefits & Common Pitfalls
    • Azure DevOps Overview
    • Build and Release Agents
    • Lab 01: Deploy an Agent on Windows
  • Module 02 - CI with Azure Pipelines (Build)
    • Introduction
    • Azure Pipelines Overview
    • Lab 02: Creating your first Build with Azure Pipelines
  • Module 03 - Package Management with Azure Artifacts
    • What is Package Management?
    • Package Management Systems
    • What is Azure Artifacts?
    • Universal Packages Overview
    • Lab 03: Deploying artifacts to Azure Artifacts
  • Module 04 - CD with Azure Pipelines (Release)
    • Introduction
    • Azure Release Pipelines Overview
    • Lab 04: Creating your first CD Pipeline with Azure DevOps
  • Module 05 - Summary
    • Summary
  • Basic scripting knowledge
  • Basic understanding of terminal and command line usage
  • Get familiar with Azure Devops (pipelines and artifacts)
  • Learn how to configure ci/cd pipelines using Azure DevOps
  • Learn CI/CD best practices