Testing in an Agile Environment

AgileTst - Version:2
We are facing some challenging questions while going into Agile testing: "What is the role of a tester in an Agile team?", "How will we regression test from now on?", "What are agile testers required to do in their day to day work?", "How can we (should we) document test cases and defects?", "How can testers bring high business value over and over again?". The workshop emphasizes the day to day challenges-solving and "know-how" knowledge in the "life of an Agile tester", and tries to answer the above questions and more, while introducing an Agile testing methodology, strategy and day to day approach. We shall discuss how to function as testers within Agile teams, how to be productive and efficient using test automation and other tools, and how to produce a working software in short iterations.
Intended audience
Testers, testing team leaders and test managers, developers, development leaders and development managers that were recently introduced to the Agile methodology or are about to start implementing Agile in their projects in the near future, that would like to know how to better cope with the new challenges that Agile testing aspects brings up today.
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  • Day 1
    • Introduction
      • General
        • History
        • Values and principles
        • Practices
        • Misconceptions
      • Exercise – painters & Designers
      • Agile Vs. Traditional.
    • The process
      • Release
        • Release Cycle
        • Release Planning
        • The tester role in planning a release.
      • Sprint
        • the sprint cycle
        • the sprint Planning
        • the tester role in the Sprint cycle
      • The Daily cycle
        • Stand ups
        • Whole team approach
        • Definition of Done
        • the contribution of a tester
      • End of sprint
        • the ceremonies
        • Gathering Feedback
        • Special Sprints
    • The Team
      • Agile Team and roles
      • Agile Tester Roles
  • Day 2
    • The Operations
      • Testing Types
      • Exploratory Testing
      • Testing Measurements & Metrics
      • Exercise: Developing a Low level dashboard
      • Adoption of Test process
    • Analysis & Support
      • TDD + Test automation
      • Defect Management
      • Small things that help us out - Techniques and tools
      • Tips for being successful agile tester
      • Open Discussion - Q&A
      • Retrospect of Course
  • No Special Agile knowledge is required
  • Knowledge regarding traditional testing is required