Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL

A3 - Version:3.3
This course will introduce database concepts and terminology. Main course objective lies in learning to understand a real world data processing problem, describing processes and implementing them into a relational database structures.
Intended audience
Information technology personnel wishing to refresh their databse knowledge and terminology. Programmers working with databases wishing to upgrade their database skills and get an in depth understanding of database features and conventions.
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  • What is a Database?
    • Databases
    • The database engine
    • The user interface
    • The logical model and the physical model of the database
  • Data Modeling
    • "universe of discourse"
    • normalization rules
    • relational model (table model).
  • Converting the ERD to a Table Design
    • ERD to tables
    • ERD to columns
    • Relational Model.
  • The Select Query
    • what is SQL
    • SQL's various groups of statements
    • the SELECT statement
  • Update, Insert, Delete
    • Insert
    • Update
    • Delete
  • Data Definition Language
    • DDL introduction
    • DDL commands in SQL
  • None
  • Understanding the universe of discourse
  • Learning to design an ERD
  • Learning ways of implementing design on a database system
  • Getting familiar with database features