Risk Based Testing

RBT - Version:1
This course provides test leaders and testing managers with the main definitions, ideas, processes, tools and skills they need in order to exercise risk based testing in their projects and organizations. This course covers the major concepts of risk based testing and risk management. During the course, the methodology behind the RBT concept will be discussed, examples and excel tool templates will be provided to assist participants in their work. The risk based testing process is presented through theory, examples and exercises that are focused on risk based testing Identification, Selection & Planning - on one hand, and Mitigating, Tracking and Controlling - on the other hand
Intended audience
This course is intended for professionals who deal with managing risks for the testing group. Among them are: Experiences Test engineers. Test Team Leaders. Test Managers Quality Officers/Engineers
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  • Introduction
  • Major Objectives of a Project
  • Risk Types
  • Software Projects and Risk
  • The Experts on Risk
  • How does Risk help us - testers?
  • The New Language of Risk
  • Risk Based Testing – Running Out of Time
  • ‘Good Enough’ Approach for a Product Release
  • Contribution of Testing to Release Manager Decision
  • How Good is Our Testing?
  • Risk Base Testing and Quality Metrics
  • Project Best Practices – Integration Testing
  • Principals of Risk Management Process
    • Identification
    • Selection & Planning
    • Mitigation, Tracking and Control
  • Industry Risk list – top 10 topics
  • Process of Risk Management (by Boehm) and connection to Risk Based Testing
  • Testing basic concepts
  • Testing main processes
  • Testing lifecycle
  • Defect management principals
  • General knowledge of testing measurements
  • Understand the concepts of Risk Management
  • Describe Risk Based Testing principals
  • Understand what language Risk propose in day to day life, and why should we talk like that
  • Define where RBT can assist in the testing life cycle
  • Learn how to define Risk Analysis for the different testing topics (template EXCEL tool is provided)
  • Discuss test planning strategy issues in regards to Risk Based Testing
  • Discuss test execution strategy issues and Risk Based Testing