Writing Test Documents – from Requirements Review to Test Procedures

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In many cases, testers are "thrown to the water" and asked to "Write a Test Plan and a Test Procedure" without getting proper training on how this should be done. The "Writing Test Documents" seminar takes the student through the stages of writing quality test documents. The course covers the following topics: - Requirements Review - What to look for; what is the tester's role - The Test Plan Document - Why we need it and what should be its content - Test Procedure Document - correct way of specifying a Test Case The course interleaves theory and hands-on work. The students will review a requirement document for a simple application. They will then use the requirements document to generate Test Plan and Test Procedures to test the application. The final session is test session, where the students use their test cases to test the application. Bugs are counted to see who found most bugs with tests he/she developed during the course. "Best Bug" and "Highest Bug Count" winners will get a prize.
Intended audience
Test engineers, testing team leaders
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  • Requirements Review
  • What makes a Good Requirement
  • Template review
  • Test Procedure development steps
  • Feature Test Plan
  • What to look for in a Review
  • Feature Breakdown
  • Setting Objective & Methodology
  • Feature Test Procedure
  • Requirements Review - Exercise
  • Risk assessment
  • What makes a good Test Case
  • Approach / Strategy definition
  • Writing a Test Procedure - Exercise
  • Testing
    • Run tests, report bugs - Exercise
  • Writing a Test Plan - Exercise
  • None
  • Participate effectively in Requirements reviews
  • Write a Feature-level test plan
  • Write Test Procedures.