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Increasing Added Value & ROI in Testing

TstROI - Version:1
We are facing today an increase demand from test managers to improve productivity and product quality, to reduce costs of testing, to reduce resources, and to make-things-right-the-first-time. This challenge is forcing test managers to improve in 3 major topics: - Improve testing processes - Manage testing project risks better - Manage professional testers, and the supporting environment better by improving communication, diplomacy and negotiation skills
Intended audience
Testing professionals, leading a testing team/group, that would like to know better how to cope with the challenges of today of increased product quality, reduced costs while increasing ROI of the testing group to the organization
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  • Opening discussion - Increasing Added value in Testing
  • Day 1: Risk Based Testing

    • Principals of Risk Management Process

      • Identification
      • Selection & Planning
      • Tracking and Control
  • Day 2: Test Process Improvement

    • The TPI Model

      • Key process areas to be discussed in detail:

        • Test Strategy
        • Life-cycle model
        • Moment of involvement
        • Test specification techniques
        • Test environment
        • Commitment and motivation
        • Test functions & training
    • The Process of Implementing Change / Application of the model

      • Implementing Change

        • Obtain awareness
        • Identify target area
        • Execute assessment
        • Define improvement actions
        • Formulate plan
        • Implement
        • Evaluate
    • Summary / Next Steps

      • Pilot Projects – why? when? where? what?
      • Q & A
  • Day 3: Personal Communication and Presentation Skills

    • Being Assertive

      • The effective 'NO'
      • The Scale
    • Giving others feedback

      • How to give a feedback
      • Why do people abstain from giving feedback?
      • Why do people have difficulties in giving feedback?
      • How do people react to feedback?
      • How to learn from a Feedback?
  • Closing discussion: Increasing ROI - Combining it all together…
  • Professionals should have the knowledge of solid concepts in testing, testing main processes, testing lifecycle, defect management principals and general knowledge of testing measurements.
  • Participants should be familiar with the test engineer and testing team leader daily work.
  • participants should be open to absorb different ideas and views, and consider changing the way they work in order to obtain better and higher results.
  • To be able to know what test process improvement and TPI model are
  • Discuss a method for evaluating process maturity from different aspects
  • Discuss the different dependencies between the testing processes
  • Know how to quick-start TPI effort in a testing organization
  • Discuss which projects to pick for the TPI pilot (with best chances to succeed)
  • Understand the implications of managing risks in testing projects
  • Understand the concepts of Risk Management
  • Describe Risk Based Testing principals
  • Understand what is the Risk language
  • - Define where RBT can assist during the testing life cycle
  • - To learn how to exercise an excel tool for risk strategy (planning phase)
  • - Discuss test execution strategy issues and RBT
  • - To learn how to exercise an excel tool for risk analysis (scheduling and execution phases)
  • - To learn about good communication concept and methods
  • - To know different paradigms of personalities, and reflect those on us
  • - Understand how to convince others without getting resistance
  • - Discuss how to present and pass a message to others
  • - Discuss how to give and obtain feedback, and get a positive impact
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