Test Management under Crisis

TMCrisis - Version:1
In the next years, we shall be facing a tremendous change in testing, as the visibility of what we do to the business will be enhanced, reducing costs will be a focus of our executive managers, and keeping a high level of quality to our products will be a something that is obvious for everyone to have. As test managers, we are asked today to do more with less… Because of that, test managers are facing a few major implementation challenges: Improving testing processes to the optimum and the quality maturity of their products, Manage risks and respond quickly to market needs (preventive and corrective actions), Manage their professional team better – building an efficient and effective testing team that can handle the workload with advanced methods, procedures and tools. Improvement of testing processes combined with high level of maturity in risk management has shown in the past numbers of 5-20% improvement in cost and/or product coverage for such efforts. In this unique seminar, I shall review a few of the essentials that any test manager should follow, in order to keep pace with these upcoming challenges.
Intended audience
The course is beneficial for testing professionals that lead testing team/s, and are seeking new approaches and new ways of coping with the testing challenges of today. Both team leaders and test managers will find improvement points to be implemented in their day to day work.
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  • Day 1
    • Introduction
    • Current and Future testing challenges
    • Improving the Testing Processes
      • Identifying New Process requirements
      • Identifying the right processes for implementation in the SDLC
      • Defining the right actions for the right processes
    • Analyzing our processes:
      • Analyze & Estimate: First we measure… then we analyze…
  • Day 2
    • Risk Management
      • Definition & Classification of major project risks
      • Risk Assessment, Risk Control and Risk Factors
      • How to manage testing risks?
      • 2 levels of risk management
      • How to present and report risks?
    • Identifying Root Causes and the real problems (not just symptoms)
    • Building A Dynamic Testing Strategy
      • What is Dynamic Test Strategy?
      • Why should we use it?
      • Factors influencing any strategy
      • Measurements we could use
      • Start with the end in mind – planning ahead
    • Building Winning Testing Teams
      • Why winning testing teams?
      • What are winning testing teams?
      • The impact of winning testing teams
      • Why should it succeed?
      • Choosing the testing leader
      • Selecting team members
      • Costs and benefits
    • Course Summary
  • We shall review the current challenges and the near future challenges of test managers.
  • We shall review what is necessary to do in order to improve our processes starting with identifying the problems and challenges analyzing them and suggesting a way forward (using an enhanced root cause analysis method).
  • We shall discuss how to better manage our testing risks, how to present them to management, and I shall present excel tools to support identification and mitigation of risks.
  • We shall also discuss how to build winning testing teams and what is important in building such a team from personal and professional perspectives.