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System Test Manager Education Program

STM - Version:1
Testing leaders of today are facing greater challenges. We are asked to present higher ROI on our budget, greater quality on our efforts, and hence we have no choice but to educate our team members, and make them better professionals. We are also facing an increased pase of development and emerging development models which force us to change the way we test, prioritize and in fact think and act differently and creatively. The STM™ includes 3 stages, each having a focus on different set of tools that enable participants to comply with the demanding needs mentioned.
Intended audience
Professionals, who lead testing teams – testing team leaders - or manage bigger teams – test managers, test directors – and are interested in learning and improving their test management tools/skills/capabilities, to cope with the growing need for professional test managers. Also, new test leaders, who would like to get trained for the job, are accepted.
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  • Stage 1: Methodologies, Methods, Techniques and Standards

    • ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Manager (the full 5 days course for certification)
    • Requirements Analysis – what are good (testable) requirements, what to look for inside a requirements review, and which guidelines should we use to produce test design out of them, and more…
    • Measurements and Metrics – what are they, how to use them carefully, how to estimate using measurements and metrics, how to setup a measurements program at your organization, and more…
    • From Agile development to Agile testing – what is Agile development and how it reflects on us testers and test managers in our day to day and more…
  • Stage 2: ROI, Prioritizing, Effectiveness and Efficiency

    • Test Process Improvement – what is it and how to start implementing it?
    • Risk Based Testing – from methodology to practice
  • Stage 3: People Management

    • Personal Communication and presentation skills – how to communicate better and present clear ideas, influence and get cooperation without resistance, and more…
    • Soft Skills management – how to manage the team to get maximum motivation and dedication, while focusing on the tasks and challenge ahead, and more…
  • Participants should have at least 5 years of experience in testing
  • know basic project management
  • understand project life cycle and testing life cycle
  • know basic estimation techniques and know basic test design techniques
  • For those who would like to get the ISTQB CTAL-Test Manager certification, a prior certification of the ISTQB CTFL should be presented in order to participate in the exam. Applicants, having the ISTQB CTAL Test Manager certification already, will be able to join the program without joining that module
  • To become better professional test managers – managing our resources, activities, timeline and deliverables
  • Learn how to improve our testing processes – internally and externally
  • Learn how to leverage the knowledge and skills of our team members
  • Learn how to motivate and communicate better - with our team members and with many other teams in our organization– locally or internationally (outsourcing)
  • Learn how to better analyze requirements, to produce better test design
  • Learn how testing should adopt to cope with iterative and agile SW models of development
  • To improve our 'soft skills', managing professional test engineers
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