Advanced Client Architecture – MVVM, UI Composition

MVVM - Version:1
The Advanced Client Architecture course is a faced paced 2-day course that is aimed toward learning the true know-how of Smart Client architecture problems and solutions. The course explores underlying causes for complexity of Smart Client apps, and shows how MVVM and Composite UI help us reach better architected solutions.
Intended audience
Developers, team-leaders and architects with at least 6 months of hands-on experience with either WPF or Silverlight
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  • MVVM Basics
    • MVVM History
    • Understanding the motivation – Blendability, Testability, Maintainabiliy
    • Binding & Commands
    • EventBroker Pattern
    • ViewModelLocator Pattern
  • MVVM Advanced Scenarios
    • No code behind
    • ViewSwitching Navigation
    • DRY vs SRP
    • UserControls vs CustomControls
  • WPF4 Features
    • Attached Behaviors
    • Visual State Manager
  • UI Composition, IoC & Prism
    • Modularity
    • Connecting Services.
    • Lifecycle management
    • Inversion of Control Containers & Unity
    • Prism
  • Knowing WPF or Silverlight.
  • Gain better understanding of architectural problems.
  • Learn the MVVM Design Pattern
  • Learn advanced techniques in MVVM.
  • Learn about UI Composition.
  • Learn how to use Inversion of Control Container.
  • Learn the idea behind PRISM.
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