IIS Workshop

IISWS - Version:1
In this course, we will learn how IIS works from bottom to top. We will learn about the pipeline architecture of IIS, and how it evolved in recent years. We will learn what is the IIS Application Pool and how to configure it. We will go over some of the familiar features of IIS, such as compression and URL rewrite, and some of its less-familiar features, such as application initialization and under-the-hood configuration. Finally, we will learn how to troubleshoot IIS, using logging tools and Failed Request Tracing. This course covers the newest features of IIS, up to version 10, which is part of Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016.
Intended audience
Developers and DevOps
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  • IIS versions and history
  • Configuring IIS
    • IIS Manager
    • Feature delegation
    • Command line tools
    • Shared configuration
  • Architecture
    • Request pipeline
    • Application pool
  • Pipeline extensibility
    • Classic vs. Integrated
    • Modules
    • Handlers
  • IIS features and components
    • Compression
    • Output cache
    • URL Rewrite
    • Application Initialization
  • Troubleshooting
    • Realtime request monitoring
    • IIS Logging
      • Built-in features
      • Advanced logging
      • Log parsing
    • Failed Request Tracing
    • Performance counters
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