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Advanced Test Automation Practices

AdvTA - Version:2
In the course you will learn specific hands-on techniques for designing and writing effective automated tests and infrastructure. Participants will learn how to improve their test automation skills, writing tests that are reliable and easy to maintain. Target audience: Test automation developers.
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  • Test Automation Maturity Levels

    • Initial
    • QA centric
    • Collaboration
    • Fusion
    • Encompassing
    • How to improve
  • Manual vs. Automated tests
  • The ROI of Test Automation

    • Getting the most out of Test Automation
    • Maintaining a clean product code base
    • Continuous Improvement
  • Architecture and Isolation Techniques

    • State and Isolation

      • Isolation between environments
      • Isolation between tests
      • Isolation techniques
  • The Scientific method for writing automated tests

    • Recap on MSTest and Selenium (for the demo and lab)
    • The scientific method for defining tests
    • Writing the tests from top to bottom
    • Continuous refactoring to remove duplication
  • Clean Code and Refactoring Techniques

    • Readability
    • Modularity and Simplicity
    • Poka-Yoke
    • Exception Handling
    • The SOLID principles
    • 4 Rules of Simple Design
    • Refactoring techniques and best practices
  • Test Automation Practices

    • Data-Driven Tests
    • Failure investigation
    • Investigating flaky tests
  • Test automation and the Organization

    • Business Processes

      • Handling bugs found by automation
      • ATDD & BDD
  • Experience in automation and object oriented programming
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